I Just Wanted To Be Loved

“I want God to come/And take me home
‘ Cause I’m all alone/ In this crowd Who are you to me/Who am I supposed to be Not exactly sure anymore./Where’s this going to Can I follow through/Or just follow you For a while/Does anyone ever get this right?” – ‘The Vampires of Time and Memory’, Queens... Continue Reading →

A Bit of Prose: I Am…..

This was originally posted May 11th, 2014 on my blog site. I am reposting this for World Bipolar Day. 5.7 million people in the United States, about 2.7 percent of the population, have bipolar disorder. Although our labels may say clinical mood disorder, rapid-cycle bipolar, or schizoaffective disorder, this diagnosis does not define us. For... Continue Reading →

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