This is What the True Meaning of Christmas Really Means

The true meaning of Christmas is at the very core of our humanity. It is the center of our being. The spirit of Christmas is the true representation of the raver canon Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

It is that wide-eyed wonder kids have when they wait in line for hours to see a jolly ol’ heavy-set man in a red and white suit with gold buckles on his black leather boots. It is that special, gushy feeling two partners have standing in front of a Christmas tree sipping on egg nog after everyone has gone to bed. It is that warm, fuzzy feeling when you sit and think what Christmas meant to you when you were younger. It is that one awkward moment when you stand under the mistletoe with that one person you’ve been meaning to share your feelings with all year.

Christmas is that one day out of the year when everyone is a bit happier, a bit cheerier, and a bit smile-i-er. Each of us has a spring in our step and an extra robust “Have a great day!” to a complete stranger.

The true spirit of Christmas is the hope and dreams of all mankind. It is everything we should be as humans. We should be a better people, more charitable, more quick to give handshakes and hugs.

For me, Christmas is not so much about the birth of a savior boy in a far away, dusty land who are visited by three pretty smart strangers riding donkeys and carrying expensive metals and aromatic resins.

Christmas is about all that is good and pure. It is about having eyes like a child for one day out of the year. Christmas is a day in which we should not raise up our voices in anger, our fists in rage, and our guns in war. Christmas should never be about how much stuff we buy or how much we spend or even why we are buying and selling stuff. Christmas is the joy of being alive in a magical winter wonderland of peace and love.

May today be about feeling a little happier. May the spirit of hope charity touch each of us. May we learn peace and love by watching Christmas through the wide-eyed wonderment of a child. And let us take away the true spirit of Christmas and apply it to the other 363 days of year.

For those of you who celebrate and for those of you who don’t. 
I wish you all an awesome day today filled with life, laughter, and love.

Whether it’s Joyeux Noel (French), Frohe Weihnachten (German), Buon Natale (Italian), Feliz Natal (Portuguese), Feliz Navidad (Spanish), メリークリスマス (Japanese), С Рождеством (Russian), Vrolijk kerstfeest (Dutch), God jul (Swedish), Veselé vánoce (Czech), Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian), or even Mutlu Noeller (Turkish).

Merry Christmas, everyone.
All of us.

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