; The Story Of The Little Boy and the Snake ;

This is not an original story written my me. This is a re-written version of an old parable scribed by American Indian elders many centuries ago. Versions of this parable has been shared and passed down from generation to generation from many different cultures around the world. Some versions have a tiger and a mongoose, others have a cat and... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Day 2014

Today is #HumanRightsDay all around the word. I believe that it is a human right for everyone in the world to receive the best, free quality mental healthcare available. I also believe that those around the world that live with a mental illness be afforded the human rights to live in a happy, free, and nonjudgmental... Continue Reading →

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is September 10th 2014...World Suicide Prevention Day. According to the World Health Organization, more than 800,000 people commit suicide each year worldwide. One person every 40 seconds. Suicide is the leading cause of death worldwide between the ages of 15 through 29. In the US, Australia, Spain, and Europe between 10 and 14.9 people... Continue Reading →

Stay Strong

According to NAMI, 60 millions adults (1 in 4) in the US suffer from mental illness, such as depression and panic disorders. Out of these folks, 14 million people (4 in 100) have a serious mental illness, ranging form bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and and severe depression. An estimated 15 million children (1 in 5) suffer from... Continue Reading →

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