Veteran’s Day

Thank you Frank Ritchey (my brother). Thank you Tony Darragh (my friend). Thank you Clark Rice (my friend). Thank you Dad. Thank you Mike Sly (my mom's brother), Kim Nathaniel and Bob Dittmer (my great uncles), and Steve Rourke (my cousin-in-law). Thank you to the countless amounts of men and women that has defended, are... Continue Reading →


Democrat. Republican. Independant. Vote. No matter the initiative, person, or bill. Vote. Help the United States be a better country for all. JUST VOTE.

Freaknight 2014

On Halloween, one person died from an overdose from a bad batch of the party drug Molly at Freaknight 2014 in Seattle. There were multiple reports of others becoming sick. Molly, a "pure" form of MDMA, is more commonly known as xstasy. The drug allows the user to haveĀ feelings of increased energy, euphoria, emotional warmth... Continue Reading →

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