This is Why Love and Marriage are a Big Lie

This was originally written for a guest blog opportunity posted on the Rachel From The OC website. Thank you Rachel Thompson for this awesome guest blogging opportunity, as well as some writing advice. For more information regarding Rachel’s media company, Bad Redhead Media, or her website and social media, please visit the provided links. This... Continue Reading →

The Day That I Survived Suicide

Trigger warning: Suicide, depictions of self-injury. This is a very raw, honest account of my suicide attempt in mid-2012. These are thoughts and feelings I had in the moments leading up to my suicide attempt. If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide and/or self-injury, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline... Continue Reading →

A Bit Of Prose…Irony Of Trust

We need something to believe in. Something to follow. Something to feel we are part of something bigger...larger than ourselves. Something or someone to trust. Be it God, a cause, our friends/family, a significant other/partner, sport, or a celebrity. We need to feel as if we're not alone in this great big world. We need... Continue Reading →

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