A Bit Of Prose…Irony Of Trust

We need something to believe in. Something to follow. Something to feel we are part of something bigger…larger than ourselves. Something or someone to trust. Be it God, a cause, our friends/family, a significant other/partner, sport, or a celebrity. We need to feel as if we’re not alone in this great big world. We need to know that someone…anyone…gives a damn.

Then….reality hits.

No one thing or person is perfect.
Not meant to be.

…and we’re fucking shocked.

We can’t believe our perception of our desire can be different than the reality of its true nature.
We hurt.
We grieve.
We bleed.

When that adornment is soured, we trash it. We demonize it and destroy it with our words turn razor-sharp daggers. We burn it to the fucking ground, dance around the funeral pyre while marching in perfect unison.

We sing…sing to our freedom as we fuck you and to hell with this whatever it is and run as far away from it as possible because we’re scared and embarrassed and humiliated and we just want to hide.

Go away.


Never come back to this thing that has crush our soul, raped our identity, destroyed our trust.


…and then something better arrives.
Someone better-looking…nicer…more patient.
Comes along to replace the pain.

I am Jack’s ongoing apathy…numbness…anger.

We feel…..

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