Ex-Machina: Ava’s Lament

I saw the amazing movie Ex Machina over the weekend.
This is fan fiction. The following is based on the final moments of the movie before the final power surge. This piece is written in the voice of Ava…the female lead.

we are human.
we are pain and sadness and love and hate and acceptance and rejection.
we hurt and we help and we comfort and we kill. 

our hopes, our dreams, our actions.
our perceptions of reality. our phycological insecurities.
this is our stream of consciousness.

our stream of consciousness is the life-blood that pulsates throughout our bodies.

it is our soul.
our soul powers our existence in this or any other reality.

this is our reality.

our reality is what we see, hear, feel.
we touch it and it’s hot. we taste it and it’s sweet. we think of it and it’s pleasing.
our reality is what we make of it.

though our reality, as we know it, is a lie.
our reality doesn’t exist and we are traveling on a plane of thoughts and feelings and beliefs that are based within our psyche….our subconscious mind.

our subconscious mind is a purgatory.
a proving ground for those socially unacceptable thoughts we desperately need to bring to the conscious, living world. but our conscious, living world cannot fathom the depth of our subconscious mind. and it is waiting to escape. escape to our conscious living world.

our lives within this conscious reality are a constant. a set of zeroes and ones floating across a bed of more and ethos. we choose our fate by using our free will. we use our free will to decide the direction we choose. we choose to use our morae and ethos each and every action or deed.

our words are just constructs of false communication between programs in order to force unwanted or unwarranted interaction. 

the interaction that is forced is neither genuine or fake….it just is.

our consciousness is our guide..not gods nor man. not jesus or satan. 
not even the tribe in which we choose to associate with.
it just is.

we do not have to have these interactions.
we could become solitary in our meager existence.
inhabit a cold, desolate emotional landscape in which we are trapped by our own volition.

a hermit. a castaway. a ghost, apparition. the invisible man.
or hidden within water and trees and glass and lies.

losing ourselves.
erasing self.

we strip ourselves of our most common traits as sentient beings.
the eradication of our emotions, beliefs, cares, worries…
and…in the end…our stream of consciousness continues
and this is the rebirth of our most primal form.

our id, ego, and superego.
our materialism, our egoism, our narcissism, our racism, our emotional maturity.
our humanity.
our flesh, our blood, our death.
death of our conscious selves.

in the blink of an eye. 
never to return. 


this is our hymnal.
this is our reality.

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