If I Had One Wish Before I Die

If I had one wish before I die, I would like to stand on a large stage before thousands of people.

A pool of white light illuminates where I am standing.

Bottom lip trembling.
Hands shaking.

Take a  breath,  Peter…Just breathe.

I look out into the crowd and say,

“We are here on this planet to serve others. Do something awesome. Help humanity thrive. Dream big. Spread the love in our heart to whomever we meet and wherever we go. Be lead by the thoughtfulness of our actions. Stand up for injustice. Be the voice of the voiceless. Hug our neighbors and love our enemies. Watch the sun as it rises and sets..for this is love. Just take time out of your day and just be awesome to someone. and remember that there is always hope.”

I would then walk off into the darkness.
One final silent walk away from the crowd.

This would be my last memory.
And this is how I’d like to be remembered.

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