Duck Dynasty..

I have never seen this TV show, let alone know what the hell this is.
My argument isn’t against this Phil Robinson dude…because I have no idea who the hell Phil Robinson is.

All I’m going to say is this: Christ’s second commandant was his greatest…LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

If I hear one more Christian spouting off about “gay this” and “gay that” and “homosexual behavior” and so on, I swear to God i’m going to eat as much Indian food as I can and fart as many times as humanly possible in each place of worship I know of.

When is ANYONE going to get Christ’s point…LOVE ON ANOTHER. That’s it. There is no rational argument against homosexuality…except for bigoted hatred toward someone or a group of people YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

To discriminate against someone who’s gay is AGAINST THE LAW. Why don’t I support the Boy Scouts? Discriminatory hiring practices against the LGBT community. THIS IS NOT HOW TO BE A CHRISTIAN.

Show me, explicitly, where the Bible says if you’re part of the LGBT community, you’re going to hell. Find this “quote” for me, and I’ll throw any true biblical scholar in front of you to kindly point out that IT DOESN’T MATTER. Christ’s preaching LOVE, FORGIVENESS, and TOLERANCE trumps all this hatred toward the LGBT community that is supposedly found in the Old Testament.

The argument that is always brought up tis: “Well…I believe the Bible to be literal.” First, Okay then, if you take the LGBT’s “sin” in account as literal truth, then women should be quiet and never have authority over men (1 Timothy 2:12), gang-rape is the only way to deal with an unruly guest in your house (Judges 19:25-28), and all wives are subordinate to heir husbands (Ephesians 5:22). Not to mention slavery is justified in Leviticus and 1 Peter.

If you can’t get Christ’s teaching of love, then you DON’T deserve to call yourself a Christian!

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