SPU Strong

Author’s Note: This was written one day after the shooting on the Seattle Pacific University campus. 

Seattle Pacific University is a small Christian university in Seattle. The campus is nestled within a residential district on the north slope of Quenn Anne Hill About 4,000 people are enrolled. If you drove by it, you wouldn’t recognize that the buildings are that of a university.

In the afternoon on the 5th of June 2014, a man entered the engineering building called Otto Miller Hall. The man fired his shotgun several times, killing 19-year-old Paul Lee and injuring 3 other students.

I was working at University of Washington Medical Center when I heard about the shooting. Just three miles away from me. My heart sunk. My mind was racing with thoughts of the Virginia Tech, UCSB, and Northern Illinois college shootings. It could have been on the UW campus just up the hill from the medical center. It could have been at my alma mater at Washington State University in Pullman.

The SPU Falcon community is stunned and in mourning right now.
Any community hurts after something this tragic happens.

I don’t know how to help fix situations this.
Gun violence.
Campus shootings.

I don’t think anyone does any more.

We can armchair-quarterback this until we’re blue in the face. We could go back-and-forth from nature v. nurture, gun control, videogames/TV or movies or rock music, or fixing the abysmal, broken state of mental healthcare in the US.

It’s not going to make a difference what we continue to  pontificate as the root cause to these tragedies.

Right now…t really don’t give a damn about all of that.
It doesn’t matter.

What matters right now for the SPU community is healing and fellowship.
Healing takes time. And the normalicy of life will come soon.
Things will get back to normal in time for SPU.
They have to…this is the Falcon spirit.

My hope is one day very soon someone, ANYONE, will find a solution to these college shootings and finds it fast before another 19-year-old man dies just for going to college and getting an education.

My thoughts and prayers are with you…all of you.
The community of Seattle Pacific University.

May God bless you in this hour of need.

#PrayForSPU #SPUStrong

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 Yes…I agree 100%. We can armchair quarterback this nine ways to Sunday. Change the mental health system, eliminate guns…whatever the solution might be. However, the time for taking has come to an end. We must pursue rapid action…now. Before anyone else gets killed in their prime of life.

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