Pray For Charleston

I have no idea what to say in regards to the Charleston Shooting. Words cannot describe how i feel about the shootings. I just have no idea what to say. 8 people lost their lives in the name of racism. With Rachel Dolezal and now the Charleston Shooting, most anything that comes out of my mouth will be considered pandering and disingenuous. But I do know what this isn’t…This is not a question about equality. In fact that shouldn’t be the question within the discussion of race relations in the US right now. The only thing that should be discussed right now is an outpouring of love to the families and friends of the victims of this horrific, cowardly act. What matters right now for the Charleston community is healing and fellowship. Healing takes time. And the normalcy of life will come soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Charleston. May God bless you in this hour of need.

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